If you are looking for an idea about what methodology is good for a web development team? Or what is the best way at your software company to organize the working process? We have an answer to all your queries! Agile web development methodology.

Through this blog, we will help you understand in brief about the agile approach and what are its benefits. This learning will help you to know what to expect from a professional service team.

 What is agile web development?

As we all know, agile web design is not a process; it is more of a philosophy. It is a broad category of methodologies based on principles outlined in The agile manifesto developed in Utah by a team of professional developers in 2001. The primary purpose of this approach is the continuous delivery of valuable software and to provide flexibility and satisfaction to customers. Early delivery is also a key role in agile web development methodology. It streamlines projects and eliminates time-sucking tasks.


If you want to design a website, agile project development is quite popular in today's world. It is a highly effective way to design a website.

Let's take a look at how it works

Process of agile web development-

Here, we have discussed two development process

Traditional(Waterfall Methodology)  vs Agile Web Development Process 

Traditional web development process (waterfall model)

agile web development methodology-traditional waterfall model-gkmit

Let's understand the traditional web development process. The waterfall method follows a linear or one-and-done approach. This means to complete the software development process; you have to follow a sequential order.

Agile web development process-

agile web development methodology-process-gkmit

During the early stages of web development, all team members from decision-makers to content creators should organize a meeting. Understanding the project requirement by team members at all stages reduces the need for constant emails, calls, and meetings throughout the entire development process. Now accomplish agile work faster. The agile methodology process is divided into a series of sprints that involve discovery, design, development, and testing.

Benefits of the agile web development

  1. Higher customer satisfaction

  2. Higher productivity

  3. Flexibility

  4. Quicker decision making

  5. Changes are always welcomed

  6. Application maintenance is easier

  7. More useful features in the final product

  8. Reduced risks

  9. Early and predictable delivery

  10. Focus on business value and regular check-ups 

This model of project management is most common among businesses. This process ensures customer satisfaction, time-saving, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and anytime changes during the development process.

Are you agile ready?

Well, this question often comes to mind. Before starting the agile development approach, ask yourself and team a few questions. When working on a new idea might be your internal team is empowered to answer these questions while making changes.

  • Will this change help us reach our desired goal?

  • Will these images and content be consistent with our brand?

  • Is this solution better than the one existing?

  • What worst can happen if we continue doing it?

  • How to decide on changes? Whether to stop or continue with the change?

  • How to evaluate if changes are effective or not?

With evolving time and technology, the new method has come up with really new tools for web development. This avoids wasting time and noise and minutia.

 Will you go agile? Some final thoughts

With the trend of agile web development project use, the traditional website dev process had significantly reduced. The time has decreased consistently from 4-8 months to 1 month. It brings efficient and result-driven project overhead. Whether you are a client of a web designer, if you are willing to work with our team of intelligent experts, it's time to consult GKMIT for your next agile project.