As per Stack Overflow reports Python is trending and is high in popularity. In the areas like web development, data, science, develops and more, python being simple and versatile fits for the purpose being simple and versatile. Many companies like Netflix, Dropbox, Instagram prefer Python. This language supports and sustains big companies top-notch performance as sites like this process millions of user request daily.

Let’s talk about web development frameworks. 

Web development frameworks are of high utility for web developers as they automate the common activities performed.


Mostly they provide libraries for database access, templating frameworks and meetings management with encouragement or promotion of code reuse.

In the past few years, web development technologies have matured and have grown versatile. If a developer works with latest technologies a lot of burdens can be reduced. With data science, the python had become the most useful asset for technical advancement. The new framework of python will help improve developer skills and guide them towards professionalism.


Top Python web development - full-stack frameworks:

In this blog, we will share the latest framework like Django, Turbo Gears, CubicWeb, Pyramid, Web2Py and how it will prove helpful.


  • Django

python framework for web development-Django-gkmit

 It is a very famous and fully featured server-side web framework, written in Python language. Ie; for developers, it is a full-stack and an open-source Python web development framework. It mainly comes prepared with ready-to-use libraries. Some of its exceptional features are URL routing, template engine, authentication, database schema migrations, and an object-relational mapper (ORM). All these make this framework speedy, scalable, and flexible. Django is very well suited with a host of databases including MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. To map objects to database tables it uses ORM. So we would conclude that this framework enables you to develop any application that you wish for, from small to large web applications.


        Reasons Django is so popular: 

  • A vast ecosystem of functions
  • Time-tested
  • SEO optimized
  • Pluggable
  • Highly scalable
  • Secure
  • Regularly updated


  • Pyramid

python framework for web development-pyramid-gkmit

It is also an open-source framework. This Python framework for web development works on Python 3 & tries to achieve as much as possible with minimum complexity. It can run on both small and large applications, and also it is versatile and can be used in easy and difficult projects. According to developers, it is the most valued framework in terms of quality and transparencies. Tech giants like Mozilla, Yelp, Dropbox, and SurveyMonkey work on this framework.

It is commendable for mapping URL’s to code.


Key Features of the Pyramid

  • Ability to run well with both small and large apps
  • URL mapping based on Routes configuration through URL dispatch and WebHelpers
  • HTML structure validation and generation
  • All-embracing templating and asset details
  • Testing, support, and comprehensive data documentation
  • Flexible authentication and approval


  • Web2Py

python framework for web development-web2py-gkmit

It is an open-source full-stack framework and comes with a debugger, code editor along with deployment tools to help build, debug the code, test and keep up web applications as well. It is a cross-platform framework and allows clients to design things easily and it underpins Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, Google app engine, and other platforms. It rearranges the web application development process through SQL database, web server and on the online interface. With the help of internet browsers, it allows users to alter, construct and oversee web applications. One of the important features of this framework is it employs the ticket and allows the instrument to follow the status and blunders. The in-fabricated segments manage responses, sessions, HTTP demands and treats.

       Key Features of Web2py

  • Facilitates quick web development and supports settlement over configuration.
  • Supports MVC Architecture to streamline web development.
  •  Developers can work broadly on relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Accelerate web development projects like cleaning temp files, editing app files, running tests, and browsing past tickets through Web-Based IDE.
  • Without using external tools and services it can build a variety of web apps as it comes with useful batteries.
  • By addressing top vulnerabilities and security issues it keeps the web secure.


  • TurboGears

python framework for web development-turbogears-gkmit

Born as a data-driven full-stack layer on top of the pylons, TurboGears is a standalone WSGI web framework which acts as a full-stack framework(like Django) or a micro framework (like Flask). Inspired by ruby on rails it is based on MVC where the controller dispatches the request to a set of actions. It is designed to overcome the insufficiency of various web and mobile app development frameworks.  It provides all features in a full-stack mode, which you require during the web development. Features as follows:  Identification, and Authentication; Authorization; Auto-generated Admin and CRUD; Sessions; Caching; Schema Migrations; Master/Slave Database Queries Balancing; Request Bound Transactions; Interactive Debugger; Builtin Profiling; and Pluggable Applications. Companies using TurboGears incorporate Bisque, ShowMeDo, and SourceForge.

      Key Features of TurboGears

  • As function decorators, all features are executed.
  • Multi-database support.
  • Accessible command-line tools.
  • MochiKit JavaScript library integration.
  • MVC-style architecture and PasteScript templates.
  • To ease the coordination of front end design and server deployment use ToscaWidget
  • CherryPY

python framework for web development-cherrypy-gkmit

It is an open-source Python web development framework, almost 10 years old now and embedded in its own multi-hung server. It has proved itself exceptionally quick and stable and can run on any working framework that supports Python. This framework allows you to use any kind of technology for data access, templating etc. CherryPy helps developers develop web apps, similar to the one developed in any other object-oriented Python program. This results in faster development of smaller code.

       Key Features of CherryPy

  • A consistent, HTTP/1.1-compliant, WSGI thread-pooled webserver
  • Easy to run various HTTP servers 
  • Runs on Python 2.7+, 3.5+, PyPy, Python and Android
  • For encoding, sessions, caching, authentication, static content, and many more there are built-in tools.
  • For developers and deployers a powerful configuration system
  • Built-in profiling, testing support, and coverage


  • Grok

grok-python framework- web app development-gkmit

This framework is based on Zope toolkit technology. It concentrates on two general principles (convention over configuration and DRY- Don't repeat yourself) and thus gives an agile development experience to developers. It is developed to speed up the application development process and thus it is also an open-source framework. 



There are many popular and in-demand python frameworks for web development, but everyone differs in its own pros and cons. Every developer has its own unique coding style and preferences. As per the requirement of individual tasks they assess every framework. The choice depends on python web developers and as per the task in hand. This list is the framework of 2021 and widely used as a full-stack back-end web application development. Which is your favorite framework let us know in the comment section below?