ROR- the evolution of friendly web development service providers


Let's start by discussing what is ROR and how it is the best web development service.

“Ruby on rails is a dynamic way to build web & mobile applications.”


As we all know, it is the first open-source web application framework, and it is based on the MVC (model view controller framework). This framework supports the development of mobile, web, and other customized applications. It comes with integrated testing tools that ensure data security, and also it is an object-oriented programming language. What makes it popular among choosing app and software development are its significant features such as 


  • Secure effective and fast development

  • Time and cost-efficient 

  • Builds highly efficient web apps

  • Self-chronicled and readable URL

  • The transactional system based on API

  • Strong backup from a powerful and active community

  • Web apps designed SEO friendly

  • For quality rich web 2.0 apps, AJAX & REST designs are used


If you are thinking of finding a reliable Ruby on Rails development company or a partner, then, of course, that is quite a tough decision. 

Let us help you by explaining what you should look for while offshoring ROR services and give you some tips to make points more clear.

With our key points, it will be easy for you to decide and find a reliable ruby on rails development company.

As we all know, Ruby on Rails programming language is gaining popularity with every passing phase due to its unique and easy to understand features. In the international development journey, there is an increase in the number of offshore companies. In order to increase sales and scale business, most startups and establishments deliberately rely on offshoring ruby on rails development companies. They get services in qualitative and cost-effective ways quickly. 

In short, we can say that ROR development services have brought a revolution in the world of software development circuit.


Key consideration you can surely look for while offshoring ruby on rails web development service providers 

Technical recruitment is way trickier than your expectancy.

Misfit partnership could lead to wastage of time, money, and resources. Even it could disrupt and drain energy by taking you off track from pre-set company goals. 

When hiring the ROR development company, a thorough evaluation is inevitable.

Let us help you by describing some essential key aspects

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  1. Level of expertise and to keep track of records

The number of successful assignments, years of experience, and the magnitude of knowledge is some aspects you need to look into beforehand. Though ROR development companies are working from the embryonic phase still go through the company's case studies and portfolios for complete research.

Have a word with those personally who cant present social proof and case studies of their clients. A company with oodles of projects in its cap is the best service provider and the right choice. The above points will give you an idea about the proficiency and ability of a service provider.


  1. Explicit project management protocols

Before hiring any service provider, ensure clear project management etiquette. Just lay down your deliverable and project expectations and keep an eye on their willingness and capability to deliver. Use project management tools (Jira, Asna, Trello, etc.) to track daily progress and tasks. 

Now check the assigned task from anywhere by checking updates at the end of the working day by using various tools.


  1.   Adhere to sustainable solutions

 Maybe you are not aware of the profound knowledge about technology, but you must be knowing your business requirements. You expect your technical partner to make you aware of technological knowledge. Check the level of commitment and communicate everything clearly to find the mindset orientation, i.e., they have result based mindset orientation like you and your company.


  1. Logistics factors

Look for logistics along with a proper track record. Which means checking modes of communication, project structure planning, and time-zone differentiation.

 You need to check the following points 

  • Whether new-gen technology will be used or not  
  • Use of code versioning tools like Bitbucket, Github, etc. and recheck access to all versions of code.
  • On different assignment communication whether transparency will be maintained or not.

As a part of exclusive ruby on rails development service, some high-end companies render on-site project management and hybrid development solution


  1. Constant availability

While choosing the offshore ROR development company, its best to check the availability option. Get in touch with them directly in just any time. Check for interpersonal skills and analyze whether they will be able to comprehend the structure and project which you will lay down. Now simplify things on an immediate basis through interaction by hiring those ruby on rails web development service providers who maintain touchpoint despite demographic issues.


  1. Evaluation period testing

Companies working on top model offers demo services to their clients. So when hiring go for a slow, reliable, and test model of companies to check the service quality by giving a project. Don't rush and make decisions hastily. Take your time and rule to formulate a relationship with the company. Check offshore ROR companies' work mechanism and communication methodologies in trial periods. Assess and ensure the quality, and once you are assured, develop a strong operational relationship.

  1.  Personal level perception towards business and clients

Along with the points mentioned above, there is one more crucial aspect to look for before hiring. Interrogate and check the personal integrity, perception, and approach towards clients and their businesses handling. Enquire about their functioning style and acceptance to fresh ideas and customization as per the client's need. Also, confirm after-sale support and handling technical queries.

Once you get a satisfactory answer, you can go ahead with the hiring process.


Along with above points also check for priority points like 

  1. ISO certification of the company

  2. Standard industry practices are followed properly or not

  3. Strictness towards quality sustainability

Obviously associating with the ROR web development company is a value-added function for your business. Thus you need to find a reliable source who proves to be an adequate fit for your company. So keeping this in mind lets make this daunting task easy for you.

ROR  web development solution at GKMIT

GKMIT offers top-class ROR development web services as per business requirements at a cost-effective and standard rate. We are satisfied in giving desired success to our clients and that's what we endeavor to achieve from the inception stage.

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Technologies we provide

GKMIT team of ruby on rails developers are highly experienced and qualified with deep knowledge of ROR application development. We have delivered many rails projects so far like PAYOUT, KYC BLOCK, etc. we are delivering services in different parts of the world with the same level of expertise. We have gained experience and expertise in technologies like 

  • Rails 2.x , Rails 3.x, Rails 4.x, Rails 5.x, , Sinatra

  • Ruby 1.9.x, Ruby 2.x

  • RefineryCMS

  • MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

  • TDD/BDD with RSpec/Minitest

  • Rails Engine

  • Redis

  • Rabbitmq

  • Eventmachine

  • Concurrent Ruby

  • Gensim(NLP library)


  • Monit, Newrelic

  • Capistrano

  • HAML

  • SASS

  • D3.js, Tableau JavaScript API

  • CoffeeScript

  • Redux

  • ExtJS, ReactJS, AngularJS

  • Sencha Touch

  • Cordova/PhoneGap

  • Git/SVN

  • JIRA, Confluence, Waffle, etc.

  • Job scheduler helps in background job processing (Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed job, Kafka,etc.)

  • Continuous integration (Jenkins, Codeship, CircleCI, etc.)

  • Load Balancer

  • Rubocop (Static Code Analyzer)


 ROR web development Services at GKMIT 

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  • Ruby on Rails dynamic website development

  • Custom ROR application development

  • Product development & web-based app

  • Porting and Migration to and from RoR

  • QA/testing web app services

  • Custom CMS development services

  • Blogs, Widgets and Social Networking site development

  • Ruby on Rails e-commerce application development

  • ERP application development

  • Existing application’s support and maintenance

  •  Single sign-on based application and microservices

  • Social networking APIs integration

  • Apps using the AI services provided by Google and IBM Watson

  • Applications based on Google Cloud Platform, AWS & Heroku

  • Web-based business App development utilizing ROR

  • Small Sized to Medium-Sized App Development

  • Support of Amazon EC2 and cloud hosting

  • Ruby on Rails Web Portal Development


These are the technologies and services that we provide for ROR development. Contact us at or leave your queries in the comment section below to explore our custom based exclusive services and a whole new realm of innovative web solutions.