Learn how to hire the best Ruby On Rails (ROR) developers India

Now technological advancement has taken the world up. ROR framework is a popular foundation for building web applications and mobile APIs. It’s open-source incorporated with the diversity of benefits makes it popular among all. For your next web development solution, you have made the correct decision to rely on the ruby framework. Thus it will work in your favor, be it be time-efficiency, simplicity, cost-efficiency, or scalability.

Thus from generic development practices to rapid application development ruby on rails is on top. Now hire ruby on rails developers who called themselves most sort after web development enthusiast. So to develop your web app, your initial step is all about hiring a ruby on rails developers, an expert to support you throughout the development journey. Now get high-quality development service at an affordable price within the time frame by hiring ruby on rails developers India.


Through the below tips, you can hire ROR developers easily

 hiring ruby on rails developers India GKMIT

  • Command over Ruby language of developers need to be tested

As we all know, ruby is a high-level and object-oriented language, and thus, to code in ROR, you need experts. The one you hire should have proficiency in this language before developing in this framework. Now achieve abstraction of lots of complexity by doing more with less amount. Write in a single line through ROR instead of writing codes in languages in c++ or Java. An expert ROR developer only knows how to make most out of unique features of the language. Through this, produce efficient code for your complex custom app.

  • Clear and establish ROR project requirements

Know your needs and priorities of the project before hiring ROR developers. Make sure your requirements are crystal clear. Once you are known with your requirements and about the application you want to build, you will know exactly what level of skill set you will need and the experience possessed to match your requirements. As per the challenges and upcoming events, your developer should be skilled and experienced enough to deal with the forthcoming project problems.

  • Previous projects of developers to be checked

To check about developers, portfolio checking is a really good way to get more details about the experience and expertise of developers. Check the previous work done by them and ask them to share details about the last work accomplished. Hire Ruby on Rails developer India who have a wide range of portfolio ranging from simple to hard projects. To make a precise evaluation of the developer’s ability, study the developer’s ROR web application examples. Ask all your doubts and queries that click and understand the result delivered and the development approach.


  • Good interpersonal skills of developers

Though technical skills are required, interpersonal skills are equally important. So when hiring ruby on rails developers, check for technical knowledge and right interpersonal skills as well. As developers play a very vital role in your complete project, and there will be daily collaboration. So while choosing to look for a person who has excellent communication skills, interactive, positive feedback acceptance attitude, patient listener, and possess problem-solving approach. It will be easy for you to develop a great work relationship between two if the developer you choose possesses such skills.


  • Check ROR developer expertise in developing and deploying the application

If you quickly want your ROR web application to develop and deploy, then your ROR developers, India, should be an expert in both. H/she should master in catering to your web application requirements. Thus, discuss everything in advance with your developers about your needs and how you would want your application to deploy.

  • Unique perspective and creativity of developers

Get some unique perspective from ROR developers on the project. As collaboration comes with the exchange of ideas and the flow of creativity. For your project, the developer must have a comprehensive view of upcoming opportunities and possibilities. Thus a creative thinker is inevitable who can think uniquely and independently. Now create an innovative product by original ideas on the table by ruby on rails developer, India. 

Checklist for hiring best ruby on rails developer India
  1. Ruby 

  • Syntax

  • OOP Programming

  1. Ruby on rails

  • MVC paradigm

  • ERB & Haml

  • ActiveRecord

  • RSpec

  • API & JSON


  • App configuration

  1. Front end skills

  • App configuration

  • JavaScript

  • CSS

  1. Databases

  • SQL

  • MySQL & PostgreSQL

  • NoSQL

  1. Deploy, project management tool and control versions
  • Git

  • Heroku

  • Jenkins

  • AWS

  • Other tools

Key takeaway points-

Now complete your ROR project by hiring best developers and working in an excellent framework. Allow your ROR developers to complete the whole project in a secure, convenient, and successful way. But to achieve a dream app, you need to choose the right person very carefully. A developer who is suitable for this job and possess knowledge, experience, determination, and creativity and who help and guide you in decision making. These above points will help you in selecting the best one while hiring. Please contact us on contact@gkmit.co for more information or leave your queries in the comment section below.