7 Reasons to Use Ruby on Rails for Your Startup

Well, if we start with describing Ruby on Rails framework. We will sum it up in 3 words like flexible, startup-friendly, and well supported. The reason behind writing this blog is the one question which keeps hitting me- 

“what is there in the ROR that start-ups and solid companies continue using it as a base of their technology platform.” 

After constant research, we found it to be the most crucial web product, which is stable and secure. And yes, of course, ROR is reliable and cost-effective, which will ensure a fresh start.

Do you know big companies like Airbnb, Netflix, Shopify, Twitter, and many more successful start-ups have something in common? 

Such big monsters in their niche availed benefits and opportunities of Ruby on Rails web development for kick-starting.  


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Here we will discuss in detail the benefits of Ruby on Rails for your startup.


  1.  True start-up supporter

David Heinemeier Hansson developed ruby on rails in 2003 when he was working on a basecamp. The very first ruby on rails application came into existence.

After being released by David as an open ROR source, the frameworks work as an excellent tool for start-ups.

Over a decade, ruby on rails is proved to be a mature technology solution for the technical world and businesses.

 Let’s know how popular ruby on rails framework is currently?

According to BuiltWith, there is a total of 2,916,441 websites using ROR, out of which 756,655 currently live.


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Source- Builtwith 


With growing global trends of using ruby on rails, demand to work with this framework is also increasing. Now we have to figure out what makes it suitable to launch your creative idea.


  1. Time and cost-efficient 

ROR is integrated with start-ups, and there is no surprise in it. On average, it is considered that the team of ROR builds applications 30-40% faster than teams who are working on other programming languages or frameworks. Along with efficiency, it is also consistent.

Developers follow standardized file storage and programming conventions, which help keep the project structured and readable.

And yes, a readable and maintained codebase always helps developers to update code in the future in less time.

Sam Ruby is a member of the apache software foundation board of directors and also one of the authors of “Agile Web Development With Rails” here’s what he thinks about RoR being a great contributor to open source software:

“What sets this framework apart from all of the others is the preference for

convention over configuration making applications easier

to develop and understand.”

Now quickly build MVP to enter the market through Ruby on Rails. Through minimum viable product (MVP), offer a basic version of your future solution to consumers.

Among numerous start-ups around the world, building MVP on ruby on rails is very popular. Ruby on Rails framework offers many features that allow rapid prototyping. Ready-made modules make rail quite flexible. Such characteristics help build a prospective product with many significant features.

“lesser development hours = cost-effective web solution”


  1. The high-quality product is assured

Every web solution needs to be reliable. And thus, programming in rails goes hand in hand. To ensure reliability, developers provide this by using these two methods. 

  1. Test-driven development(TDD) approach- Now achieve fully automated, integrated and functional testing through various tools by adopting TDD approach.

  2. Behavior-driven development (BDD)- is evolved from TDD, and when used together, they can develop a guaranteed high-quality web solution. TDD checks technical aspects of product functionality at the same time, BDD checks whether the business task is fulfilled or not.

These methodologies make a strong alliance for the project’s reliability and used by ruby on rails developer community for project development.

While again, the question is, why should you care? 

The answer to this is as a start-up, your product code quality is your strength, and it has a direct impact on your company. By using ruby on rails, you will get high-quality solutions or products at a reasonable price.


  1. Ruby on rails is hierarchical

Of course, your project may change and grow over time, so the app’s or website’s ability to maintain high traffic might affect. So the application designed will be with the perspective that it will be able to manage increased loads and achieve growth per second. As the primary goal of every company is to engage more and more consumers across the web. So let’s concentrate on preparing for the purpose. With ROR, growth is never a problem as it is with other frameworks. 

If we talk about hierarchy and scalability, we have a lot many examples to talk about, which are using ROR and achieved heights. Shopify processes about 4 min requests per second, Airbnb hosting over 5 min listings in more than 190 countries and Github have 28 million users and 57 million repositories. Hierarchy and scalability depend on deployment strategy, database architecture, and server capacity. Thus rail helps build a solution that is resistant to high loads and perfect for deployment in server clusters.

  1.  A secure and reliable framework

Start-ups when beginning a business think least about security. To create products fast and to enter the market quickly. But neglecting the protection and security of web solutions can be risky. With more security, the risk of being attacked or hacked reduces. For long-term sustainability, safety is paramount. 

Ruby takes some time and effort if you want to switch to a more secure and better framework. A persistent solution will help you to stay safe and secure, and thus you get extra features to help you resistant to vulnerabilities.

Thus, there is a built-in system of protection against threats and attacks-

  • SQL injection

  • Cross-site scripting

  • Insecure direct object reference

  • CSRF(cross-site request forgery)

As the rails framework is secured thus startups need not worry about any aspect at any stage of business.

  1. Rails are all about quality-

What every start-up dreams about! An excellent quality output. Zero bug and smooth functioning, which doesn’t disappoint end-users. Ruby on rails offers bug-free development and can build Minitest tools through rails core. This Minitest suite provides many essential testing features like test benchmarking, syntax, and mocking. 

Ruby on rails community teaches code of simplicity and adhere to KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principles. It is resulting in an application built to be consistent, maintainable, and testable.

  1. Access to a high-quality talent pool and strong ecosystem

Of course, for success, qualified experts play a significant role. The more skilled and expert programmers are, the better is the quality, scalability, and production of output. As ruby is not natural to learn, so the developers who work on it are highly qualified and well-trained coders. Programmers who code in ruby are already mastered in other programming languages. All it needs is experience, motivation, and dedication to work. ROR has a well-developed community, and many conferences are organized to share knowledge and gain some new tech tricks.

So when you hire a ROR developer for your start-up, what you look for is the dedication for coding, high skills, motivation, and a great experience. 

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As we all know, rails were developed in 2004, and all it has is mass support, a mature framework, and a lot of resources with an active community. The recently released rails 6.0 simplify working with rich text content with the help of significant technical innovations. Along with substantial framework improvements, the Gem will regularly update. ROR community always assists with solving problems. If there are some issues, the developers will find a solution in a few minutes. Developers need to use platforms like Github, StackOverflow, etc. such platforms contain a rich archive.



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Let’s take a look at the most successful start-ups who used ruby on rails. While, of course, yes, it’s up to you to choose a programming language. Ruby on Rails is a great solution to kick start any business or start-up. We love to work on this framework, along with others, as well. If you are an aspiring start-up and looking for a perfect solution, we are ready to boost your project. For more details, contact us or leave your queries in the comment section below as GKMIT is ready to develop your product or MVP with ROR and to help you to take the project to the next level.