WWDC 2018 key note and updates

20 million apple developers are from 77 countries. World’s largest app market place with 500 million visitors per week. 100 billion dollars developer earnings. Last released iOS 11 has fastest adoption rate of 81% comparatively with Android. 95% of overall customer satisfaction.

iOS 12:
iOS 12 will be available in all iOS11 supported devices. 
Performance: Improves 50% keyboard displays, 70% camera quick displays. 2x time improvement in share sheet page display.

Introducing USDZ file is a new Transformation technology which helps you to Zoom, Pan 3D objects. USDZ is compact, 3D graphics animation file. You can use USDZ inside Adobe by seeing the 3D model object inside the document. Improves face tracking, Realistic tracking, 3D objects detection. You can check inside room details. LEGO + ARKit2 experiences will give you more realistic graphics / 3D effects.

10 billion siri request per month. 
Short cuts app: Create a new short cut for custom apps and add it into a shortcut library. It works with iPhone, iPad, homePod, appleWatch. 
Stock app has business news inside of it. News app has side bar which will show you stocks informations too. Now iPad also has Stocks app. Voice Memo’s also supported in iPad.

Memoji (Tongue detection — You can create your own personalised emoji. This is Fun & Easy, you can choose skin color, hair style, head shape, lots of options. I can use camera, for applying my own memoji + placing icons over it and send to my friend. Supports Fun New effects on Message app.

Face Time:
 Group Face time is introduced. 32 simultaneous participants can able to do face time calling, with Greater UX. FaceTime is integrated with Memoji support too.

Screen Time: 
Weekly activity report on how you used your iPhone/iPad. Which app makes you more engage. You can set max App Limit(time) for specific apps, it will alert you when you are exceeding the time limit. This feature will supports you on Focus and concentration on the requires. You can control remotely on these App Limits for your Family sharing setup. Both iPhone, iPad has this support.

Measure App:
helps you to measure line, surface objects. It detects the dimensions automatically with a single tap.

 Search suggestions, share photo album activity among others, End-to-End encryption, Loop photos.

iBooks app name change into Apple Books, now has audio books section additionally. CarPlay now supports third party navigation apps. Do not Disturb — has more options to set Automatic ending time. Turnoff notification for an app from Lock screen, is supported. You can manage the unnecessary notifications list into Grouped Notification lists.

Watch OS5:

#1 customer satisfaction in the industry. 60% additional growth rate in 2017.

You can compete with your friends Activity, Get rewards and won. Now new work out types also added for ex. Yoga, Hiking and many more. Automatic workout type detection. Automatic End Alerts on your workouts. Motivate you to do right workouts.
Introducing WalkieTalkie feature — works on wifi, cellular. 
Siri Shortcuts feature available in watch os 5 too. Create your own shortcuts and speak with your watch. Third party apps in SIRI watch space. 
Web kit introduced, now you can check web content in apple watch itself. Enriched Podcasts. Group notification support also available. Student ID card feature.

Apple TV:

4K HDR(High Dynamics Range) is introduced.

iTunes largest collection of 4k HDR movies are available now. Dolby ATMOS/Vision technologies are used in 4K HDR. This apple TV OS update gives huge range of Live Sports TV channels, all in one place. Partnership with CANAL+, SALT* — provides more and more live TV channels. Zero sign on support.

MAC Os :

Mojave — Beauty of the desert at night. Dark Mode support. Dark mode support available in Xcode too. Dynamic desktop mode.

Finder app: 
You can stack all you files into organised file types. Select multiple photos and able to create pdf file, watermark pdf file.

Annotations, markup, drag/place your signature into a document. QuickLook is actually a quick look.

Now we have more option. Record a video file on a selected portion only.

Continuity Camera: 
You can scan a image from iPhone camera and set it to Mac keynote document as a continuity action between both devices/gadgets.

Apple News: 
Side bar for stocks, business news, voice memos, interactive charts.

Voice memos: 
Create voice memos and easily drag into Garage band. Improvements in Security & Privacy. Safari shows an alert on “Allow / Don’t Allow” against cookies tracking webservices. Apple fingerprints aren’t unique to identify a person uniquely, It protects from the Data companies.

Mac Appstore app: 
New UI with more helpful recommendations. Metal: EGPU improves the speed and visuals. Improvement in ML.