Well, looking at the global environment and increasing pollution it high time to question ourselves. Do plants really matter in our life? Isn’t it the high time to adopt a healthy environment instead of an artificial life-supporting system. Through this blog, I want to discuss with you how plants in the office share special bonding and how greener inside can bring happiness and productivity.

Somewhere inside, everyone craves nature and clean air. Yes, of course, is what I will say! As I think in the workplace, plants make us feel connected to nature and also remind us of their importance in our life.

As per research having greenery in the workplace brings more positivity. Let’s understand the benefits of plants and their connection to the work environment and efficiency.

Invest in plants and add greenery to your desk and wider workspace.

Now increase focus, creativity, and reduce stress by bringing plants at the workplace.

And enjoy these five benefits of the plantation.


Six significant benefits of plants in the workplace


benefits of plants with GKMIT


1- Increases productivity- The presence of plants increases overall productivity as per research. It increases focus and concentration levels. As per the researchers, increase your retention power by planting a plant per square meter distance.


2- Reduces stress- If we introduce plants to the workplace, there is a significant reduction in stress levels. Plants around us reduce anxiety, stress, depression, anger, sadness, etc. Green color is always relaxing and calming, and thus it lifts the spirit and improves performance and wellbeing. 

plants share special connection and work as air purifier


3- Produces clean air- Plants are a good source of oxygen, and it purifies and cleanses the air. Make the workplace a healthier place by investing in the right indoor plants. Now improve the air quality and develop a more relaxing and healthier work environment for your employees and boost their immunity. Plants absorb pollutants, dust, and purify the air. Hence cleaner the air, fewer employee sick days. 


4- Reduces the noise level- Plants reduce commotion and noise levels to an extent by absorbing sound. It reduces distracting effects and background office chatter. As per research positioning, larger pots of plants in a corner or at some distance brings a positive impact.


5- Make the work environment attractive-  As per organizational psychology professor sir Carry Cooper, people are adopting biophilic designs that are inspired by nature. Today people have no natural elements within their workplace, and alarmingly, nearly 50% of workers have no access to natural light. Workplace designs and adding nature to the workplace are not only attractive, but it is also affecting the decision to join the company.


6- Plants boost Creativity- According to a survey report of the human space report, about 15% higher creativity is seen at the workplace with natural elements. As per attention restoration theory, even just looking at nature or images of nature, you can shift your brain into a completely different processing mode, making employees relax and work with more concentration. 


So what are you thinking? Choose the best plant for your office space and make your office more lively.

 indoor plants at GKMIT


Well, not all plants will indeed fit and love to live in your workplace. So you need to check all restrictions and favorable conditions for your plants to bloom and blossom. You need to check the availability of daylight, watering time, proper care and nutrition, maintenance, etc. 

The best plants that thrive in an indoor workspace are peace lilies, succulents, jade plant, African violet, snake plant, Gerber daisy, azalea, and ZZ plant. These plants filter air and bring you close to nature. Other than the above benefits some plants have Vastu benefits aswell. This increases you're financial stability and brings peace and happiness.

So what are you waiting for!  Air quality or visual appeal? Well, whatever your concern is, there are a variety of office plants that can transform your office environment.

I hope you liked the above information and bring a small change in your office environment and make your workplace a healthier place to work.