Why your business needs SEO for growth?

We all look for ways to increase business visibility and sales but often confused by how and what means. So here again, let’s start with the topic of why you need search engine optimization for business growth.

As we all know, how important SEO is for business these days and how much brands and enterprises need it.

Search engine optimization is a method to optimize your website and maximize organic website traffic. Let’s discuss the two real SEO value, which will clear your thoughts.


Why is SEO essential, and what benefits it does for overall growth?


  1. Revenue generation 

  2. Online presence

These further have sub-points which will precise the importance and benefits.


  1. Revenue generation

search engine optimization for business growth revenue generation gkmit


While the entrepreneurs will always think of their business growth and increased sales by any means. Thus there primary focus is on revenue generation. Through SEO any business or website can maximize there sales and customer footfall. All it needs is an expert who works in the right way and right direction with an effective SEO strategy to achieve the desired success. Below are some revenue benefits from adopting a search engine practice that will blow your mind.


  1. SEO increases sales and leads- Invest in the best SEO strategy and generate desirable output. All you need to have is a viable product and expert team.

  2. Cost per acquisition is decreased through SEO- Acquiring customers has become cheap as it’s free and cheaper than other expensive advertising methods. All you need to invest is in hiring the best SEO agency and reap the real benefits.

  3. It improves market ROI- Now influence, SEO ranking through integrated marketing campaigns. Generating overall ROI, but how? Well, research shows that organic traffic is generated by more than 40% of business revenue. 

  4. Drives offline sales- Well, most customers do online research before buying. And this research is done online in which SEO helps a lot.

  5. Comparatively more cost-efficient than paid advertising- By using effective SEO, you can work your way up in organic search results. Thus why to pay more for page, if your SEO ranking can drive more results, pause the PPC budget, and earn from effective optimization.

  6. Gaining market share- Its a fact that the 75% user does not scroll beyond the first page. Be the first to win the market. Being the first option will be the topmost priority of your customer over hundred of alternatives.

  7.  Increases business value- With a rise in the ranking, your business becomes more valuable. Many buyers find strong SEO as an intangible asset because SEO ranking holds its value and keeps on increasing with time.

  8. Affordable- If you wish to increase conversions than SEO is considered the most affordable. Receive thousands of free hits once your website ranked 1st on google.

  9. Smartest marketing investment- SEO is a long term asset of a business and is one of the smartest investments. It will generate traffic, sales, and leads without any advertising. Grow your business significantly and rule with your product in a competitive market. Invest in SEO campaign today and does not get fooled by cold calling or traditional ways.


  1.  online presence

search engine optimization for business growth online presence gkmit


Win the click by staying on 1st page of google or search engine. But how? Building an online presence has become very important these days. If you have a unique product or even a regular one, your customers can search about it online before buying. And in this situation, your brand awareness or branding online is very crucial. For marketing efforts and branding, implementing strong, quality SEO is very beneficial. The below points highlights the need for brand awareness and online presence these days along with organic search. Business website performance entirely depends on organic search. To complete a conversion or engagement, it is a critical component of a buyer funnel.


  1. Quality traffic- as we all know, the SEO industry is worth $65 billion; thus, traffic on search engines is the best traffic. Now pulling traffic is very easy for your business. You do not have to push out advertisements to gain customers.

  2. Brand awareness- build your brand equity other than conversion. Through SEO, you can do brand awareness, and people will come to know about your brand and product. Though the customer may not buy it at the same time they can stay updated and aware of your brand anytime and can purchase soon.

  3. 24*7 promotion- as we all know, SEO is 24*7, and your ranking is not going to disappear overnight. Now all day, every day increase your traffic.

  4. Influence purchasing decision- due to the developed trust and credibility purchasing decision of customers is influenced a lot. Improve conversion by influencing the purchasing decisions of buyers.

  5. Gets 90% more clicks than PPC- SEO is over advertising. It receives over 90% of clicks through organic traffic listings. And this is made possible through google algorithm.

  6.  Your website referrals are increased- through search engines you will get more website referrals. Your clients or website visitors are likely to refer your site to your friends. Now grow figuratively through strong SEO presence.

  7. Penetrate into a new market- target other keywords and expand your website once your website is optimized. The keywords depend on new products you choose or depend on the services you offer. Now drive qualified traffic to your new offerings and break into a new market.

  8. Increases blog traffic- upsurge your blog traffic through SEO. There will be few changes as your website authority rises. Google ranking will rise through your blog content. Thus you will gain more referral traffic by promoting your blog through the website.

  9. Increased conversion ratio- instead of other traffic, search engine traffic is easily convertible. Search traffic has the best conversion rate. Now position yourself on the search engine and position your business to win more conversions.


From the above points, we can quickly clear how an integrated marketing campaign will influence SEO ranking. And learn how search engine optimization for business growth helps in overall effective implementation. Investing in SEO is a long term plan and will definitely reap fruits if worked through effective strategy. It is a new age marketing technique that helps entrepreneurs in many ways. No matter how big and small your business is, SEO for website plays a crucial role. If done correctly, you don’t have to pump extra money. For more queries, please contact us at contact@gkmit.co or drop your questions in the comment section below. We are eager to settle all your digital marketing requirements.