Top 5 social media marketing trends 2020

Welcome to the digital world of marketing and promotions. While these days you must be experiencing every task needs digital and internet help. Well yes, it is the digital era. Let’s talk about the upcoming trends of 2020 and how it will secure the future of digital marketing. 

With constantly changing market needs and demand it has become very important to keep pace with marketing trends and maintain the business game. By looking at upcoming trends and changing technology, digital marketing is going to make a giant walk in the future. According to a recent study, digital advertising will increase by 32% and CAGR (compound annual growth rate) will reach 19000 crores by 2020.

Now with remaining months to move to 2020 let’s discuss the predictions and change.



     social media marketing trends 2020 with AR/VR gkmit

Evolution in AR/VR-

Well now with the advancement, the urge of feeling and, knowing fact is increasing and thus the predictions say a virtual and augmented tour will take you to a new revolutionary shopping experience era. Here you can experience the unimaginable layer of in-depth real-life experiences. Now entertain and engage the audience and generate advertising revenue by using social media features such as FB’s oculus rift glasses, geofilters of Snapchat, trying clothes virtually by virtual means of amazon and lens. Augmented reality has come up with a completely different concept in shopping. We can also say it has brought revolution in the shopping experience and e-commerce world. 

  •  social media marketing trends 2020-VIDEO-GKMIT MARKETING

Videos are flooding the advertising market

Watching videos is a good source of relaxation. Today everyone loves watching videos for instant knowledge or relaxation. Videos on social media have the highest conversion rate. So it is the best way to acquaint users with the product. By 2021 it is assumed that a total of 80% of the global internet traffic will be attributed to videos.

Live streaming, “how-to” videos have become internet sensation these days. It is catching a lot of marketers and consumer’s attention. It is the best source of advertisements. Though it is not only a source for brand awareness and conversions, it is also used for one to one communication, networking and visual content for online shopping.

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Working on quality content marketing-

Influencing content determines the purchasing decision and can lead to a 500% increase in consumer spending. Decreased engagement rate!! Lack of relevant content can be one reason. 2020 trends speak of content that interests their users and inspires them to buy a product of their favorite brand. Customer data and personalized stories create a great impact on the audience. Spotlight content on the organization’s team and work area also prove informative and encouraging.

Add value to your SMM campaigns by adding behind the scene reports of your company. 

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Artificial intelligence power

Identify the latest trend through artificial intelligence. Do competitor research by summing up the data. Based on past behavior, historical data and location, AI helps in deciding the apt content. It also enhances the online shopping experience and influences the purchasing power of the customer. 

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Multi-channel marketing approach- 

For the customer-centric business, multi-channel is very important. Customers use different channels to do research before purchasing. For positive customer experience and to build a firm foundation, it is very important to create multi-channel platforms. Examples of some channels are- 

  1. Short time videos- short-lived videos or stories for 24 hours are the ones with the best market potential these days. 

  2. Podcast- content keeps the audience captive for a longer time. Tell stories about your brands effectively.

  3. Live chats- this aid in the online buying decision, influence conversion rate, build customer trust and within time limit answer product questions timely.

  4. Email marketing- Digital marketing campaigns through email marketing is a good source of conversion and cost-effective lead generation.


By 2020 the main aim of social media marketing (SMM) will be to free users from advertising. Direct advertising will be eliminated and different ways to promote a product will be aimed. Through upcoming marketing trends, customer’s trust will be gained instead of imposing desire. There should not be aggressive advertising as the customer can react negatively. There are many other ways to satisfy customers through social media marketing trends 2020. 

With new capabilities and extreme customer- centricity try to fix basic and blindfolds in business instead of ignoring. 2020 is about to bring new customers, are you digitally ready?