Skyrocket your brand awareness with 7 online marketing strategy 

Well, everybody is aware of digital marketing and its trends these days. Yes, of course, as a businessman, you too have thought to increase business growth and skyrocket your brand. With the end of this year and coming of 2020, many more trends, techniques, and tools are in the pipeline to make our online marketing life easy. 

Once we are done with deciding online strategy, then comes the question “what next?” obviously, to decide the strategy channel and how to do effective branding. All online marketing channels are not always relevant. We need to find out what exactly the business requirements are and then implement the strategy accordingly.

Below are a few channels which work wonder in marketing your brand name.


(A) Search engine marketing(SEM)

Skyrocket your brand awareness with 7 online marketing strategy

It is gaining popularity in the online world as it is a combination of SEO & PPC. If you are thinking to rank organically it will take a lot of time and effort and the branding process is competitive. To get fantastic long term organic results 

On-page strategy- Checking high-quality content and content duplicacy is removed, ensuring different metadata and mobile-friendly site and minimum interlinking.

Off-page SEO strategy- The stable amount of backlinks is more important for a stronger domain. Try to have one or two quality backlinks instead of 100 of lower quality backlinks. Rank higher in this tough competition through quality backlinks and ensure the first position above your competitors.


(B) PPC (pay per click)

Skyrocket your brand awareness with 7 online marketing strategy

search engine marketing is the most popular form of advertising. It appears on the top of search results by using keywords. Through this place, ads directly on the search results, and when clicked, it will redirect to your web page or website. Well planning a PPC campaign, a marketer needs to work very smartly as it includes research and right keyword selection, keyword organizing in keyword campaigns, ad groups, customized landing page for conversions. You can earn a higher profit for your business by creating useful and satisfying ads and landing pages, and thus google charges you less per click.


(C) Social media marketing

Skyrocket your brand awareness with 7 online marketing strategy

Get more brand awareness and rocket launch your online presence through social media marketing strategy. It reaches your desired audience. Now engage and promote through social media platforms and maintain your presence and growth. Now the question is which platform you will use? That is Instagram, and Pinterest is a perfect platform to display product portfolio. If you are thinking of B2B business, then LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are the best platforms.

For young customers! Why not Snapchat!! There is sole one channel for engaging with one and existing customers, and that is through Youtube- an ultimate source of videos. 

It has become easier to offer advertising opportunities by knowing people’s geographic location, age, interest, and gender and thus creates excellent opportunities for the businessman to target. This marketing includes driving traffic to the site, increasing consumer trust and brand awareness. There are various tools available to fulfill your efforts and manage time.


(D)Conversion rate optimization

Skyrocket your brand awareness with 7 online marketing strategy


 Now generate more qualified leads and customers by making your website work smarter, not harder. CRO is more of psychology than technology. As people search online and thus you can make your website look informative so that you can make them stumble and help find what they need. As we all know content is king but 

Now to bring the user to your website and engage them to read and navigate them to find a solution is a bit tough. Make your website look productive and informative by adding content according to the customer and not an owner. Not like “represent what the owner wants them to read, instead serve and add content what the visitor is searching for reading.

Through the CRO process, ensure your website is ready for those visitors who search online. As per the research majority of users just read headlines, titles, images, and bullet points. As per user profile, you only have three to seven seconds to convince and make them stay on your website.

If you are an e-commerce website, ensure they complete the action you want and collect through an email sign up, downloading an e-book, etc. as we all know users or searchers click in, take a quick look and sign out or click out.


(E) Content marketing

Skyrocket your brand awareness with 7 online marketing strategy

As we all know this marketing involve creation and sharing of online content and helps stimulate interest in product or services. Though it takes time and resources to produce, yet it is a very cost-effective medium as compared to other online tactics of paid search advertising. In content marketing, the primary focus is on understanding what consumers are searching for and how easily they find it.

The consumer base is not built on the trust of the primary three or four-page website. Frequent and consistent content is required to aid in search enquires. Content also helps in designing SEO strategy and brand ranking on search engines, thus aid in organic ranking and search.

Though we have heard content is king, but when it comes to buying, the customer is the king. You need to provide content that solves customers enquires and help in a better ranking by content click-through rate and increased site authority.

(F) Email marketing

Though the latest trends keep updating but the trend of email marketing never fades. It is one of the most popular channels for nurturing existing clients and new leads. You need to enter the sales pipeline and make sure your customers stay with your brand. Email is more than sending messages and adding contacts in CRM. It involves direct sales strategy with call-to-action content, which triggers the client’s need directly. Build trust and brand awareness through email marketing.

Research and tailor prospects before email marketing. Always know who you are targeting before sending prospects else it will go in spam and negatively impact brand awareness.


(G) Public relations(PR)

Skyrocket your brand awareness with 7 online marketing strategy

Yes, PR is one of the most effective ways of brand awareness though it is not exactly a part of online marketing. Secure heightened security among followers through securing media coverage and lead followers to adopt a mindset of established and well-respected business.

Through public relations, spread the word about your company and maintain your active presence by staying true to planned public relations campaigns. Increase your brand recognition and visibility by adopting these small steps. Now handle your PR through various PR tools.


Obtain new leads and sales by keeping an eye on brand awareness. Plan an online marketing strategy to maintain your company’s brand. Decide channels and then execute your decided goals. Attain a more focused and far-reaching impact by choosing the right online channel. I hope the above points helped you in clearing all the doubts regarding how to do brand awareness, and if you need some advice to work on it, please feel free to contact us.