12 Effective SEO strategies for business growth

In this era of digitalization, every business is getting digitalized, and so is the need for an effective search engine strategy. We all know how SEO helps in boosting your business growth. But it’s not just SEO, which will alone help it also needs effective strategic planning for the desired outcome. 

With tough competition and zeal to get internet exposure has leas to the tremendous demand for digital marketing.

How SEO can prove fruitful and learn how it can be a low effort and high return for you through these techniques. But before starting, take a tour of the website and audit the site. Though its a tough task but in the end, it will help you a lot in monetary and long term benefits. The below-given points might not apply to all the requirements but will definitely help prioritize.


  1. Optimizing titles and headings

search engine optimization strategies for business growth optimize titles gkmit

While it’s quite surprising, while research and website audit it is found, the basic optimization thing is not performed. Keyword research and title optimization are generally ignored. In the SEO, title tags, and proper keyword, targeting plays a vital role. 


  1. In website navigation prioritize pages

In your entire website, navigation is the most important structure. As it is the first thing linking to the whole pages and giving it weight.

  1. Site tracking implementation 

search engine optimization strategies for business growth website tracking gkmit

Tracking ranking and traffic is crucial. A site can witness issues if tracking not appropriately checked. You can work on improving those pages where search volume is high, and due to some lack of tracking and fault, users leave it soon. Whether your ranking is dropped or you are penalized by a search engine or how much you have organic traffic, these all can be missed if you do not monitor. There are tools available like google analytics and google search console to monitor. You can install them as a plugin through CMS. To manage all tracking records, we will recommend google tag manager.


  1. Page and post increased shareability

Use social media to get viral and add more traffic to your website. You have to facilitate the process so that your fan can share and like your content. Add relevant platform to your site and try to add CTA’s to your content. You all must have heard about locked content while unlocking it by sharing strategy. Add some new PDF and tips to increase the number of shares and tweets. 


  1. Competitors backlink acquired

Though backlinks are very hard to get, they are very useful. Through some easy off-page SEO strategy, acquire a high-quality backline, which proves fruitful. Analyze your website and top competitors in a row and stay on top by using the backline research tool.


  1. Improving/updating existing content

search engine optimization strategies for business growth content gkmit

Don’t fall prey to keyword cannibalization i.e.; if you have already existing content on your website with a specific keyword, then don’t add more content with the same keywords. No content will rank if the multiple pages will compete with the corresponding keywords. Just update the existing content or search for a targeted keyword through the content tool and add title and simply optimize.


  1. Social media profiles securing 

Social media profiles help you to get into backlinks to your website. Secure your name before your competitors do. The most common social media platform these days are facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Get pins, shares, retweets to make social media profiles effective.


  1. Secure map listing

securing map listing will provide a great benefit to users, and this is the only thing that nobody can steal from you. Now list your website multiple times on google by using google my business. People will be able to find the site very quickly through a listing. Make sure you fill all the details correctly. Add pictures of location, team, or products, if any.


  1. Work on site speed

search engine optimization strategies for business growth website speed load time gkmit

Other than images, many other elements affect sites speed. Speed can be hampered because of PHP conflicts or database queries, which take a lot of time in loading. Try and limit your plugin use to very minimal. Get rid of unnecessary plugins and extensions.


  1. SSL certificate download 

Due to increased cybercrime security factors have become an essential factor. Thus SSL certificate has become a ranking factor since 2014. Installing SSL is secure, and most of the time, the service provider helps in it.


  1. Making a website mobile-friendly 

While these SEO tactics aren’t effortless. It takes a lot of effort if your website is old. Revamping a new website takes a lot of designing and rebuilding efforts from scratch.as per the views by viewers, Google will rank your page, and with the trend of the mobile-first indexing process, it is worth these days. Now by just installing a responsive template, you can fix anything. Thus you get high results with smart efforts.


  1. Design your 404 page

You may get a lot of 404 depending on your website page. As we know, if people land on such an error page, they will leave, but you should always have a CTA button or link to redirect them to the actual website. If people land on such an error page, it will cost you a lot of money. Thus by creating a custom 404 page, you can fix this issue.


Obviously, you must have heard about it, but the real question is, have you ever tried? Many companies, while playing the role of digital marketing or SEO service providers, miss such small criteria while taking the project. Implementing all these search engine optimization strategies for business growth might not be very easy, but it will help in increasing ranking. The tips and techniques we mentioned above do not need an expert, and you can apply without getting penalized. Let us know if you have more SEO queries; we will be glad to answer your questions and doubts.