Well, we all are very well aware of the need for a technical partner. Obviously without which ship cant sail smoothly. Not having a technical co-founder is but obvious difficult but hiring or finding an experienced one is even more difficult. 

For a start-up or a company, it is undeniably very hard to find an experienced CTO but does not worry we are here to help you through this blog.

Let’s start with understanding what is CTO for startups and companies. And what role does it play as CTO as a service?



Need to hire virtual CTO with gkmit

When we talk about startup the most crucial moment is the moment of scaling business or rise of a startup. Out of three reasons why startup fail!! Not hiring the right CTO is one. And thus at the embryonic stage, there is an immense need of a CTO to know how exactly the development process works if you are a non-technical. and also, at the beginning of a new company what needed most is organizing work and knowledge to manage people.  


As per the requirements, we have categorized the CTO needs of a startup in three ways 



Need to hire virtual CTO startup gkmit


  • Risk analysis

  • For development and infrastructure cost estimation

  • Finding possible operation options through research



Need to hire virtual CTO and technology needs GKMIT


  • Technological risk management

  • Developing technical designs and layout

  • Educating about tech stack and choosing supported platforms

  • Composing and restructuring own development channels 



Need to hire virtual CTO and teamwork culture GKMIT

Teamwork and office culture

  • Ensuring high-quality development processes

  • Team cooperation and security ensured through integrating process

  • Secure best practices for office culture and people

  • Designing a recruitment channel

  • Help with recruitment and staff

  • Give ideas for easy fundraising


CTO for established companies

Need to hire virtual CTO for established companies gkmit


In an established business or a company, the need for Virtual CTO is not much but it can hire if the company is growing fast and is overwhelmed by responsibilities or if they do not have an experienced technical partner.

Sometimes technical needs can be trickier than what you imagine and in that case, hiring an expert technical leader becomes a necessity. Now improve processes and take your company to the next level by taking CTO as a service.



Need to hire virtual CTO business needs gkmit


  • For success measuring and revising all measurements

  • Stakeholders and customer assistance

  • Optimizing vision and strategy

  •  Reform and evaluate time-consuming processes



Need to hire virtual CTO technology needs gkmit


  • Quality assurance

  • Dole out technical debt operation

  • Checking service reliability for sites and apps

  • Technology up-gradation and planning

  •  Technical process evaluation

  • Security and architecture audits



Need to hire virtual CTO teamwork and culture at GKMIT

Teamwork and office culture

  • Help with recruitment and staffing

  • Career-boosting session and performance evaluation

  • Developing technical leaders

  • Team retention and managing workload

  • Redeploying and reorganizing employees


The need of the hour is you will need tech support sooner or later

At a minimum, whether you start as a startup or you are already an established set up you will need technical assistance and guidance for sure. No wonder how smart and intelligently you work but still you cant protect yourself from viruses, software malfunctioning, phishing scams, malware and stealing of your sensitive data. From the above points, we categorized and clearly try to explain the different needs of an organization. When your organization can’t afford to lose a single nonfunctional day than for sure the day has come. The need for CTO or third party equivalent is inevitable to deal with mission-critical tools.

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