Reasons to choose React-Native for the future of your mobile app development

To give a better mobile app experience to users has become quintessential in this digital era. Most of the businesses try to give the best user experience and for that, they wish to work on the leading app development frameworks available. And out of all React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework used to build an extensive app for android and iOS phones. Let’s understand through this blog what is React Native and why to choose it for mobile application development.

Now the question is why React Native is gaining attraction to build an excellent mobile app? Thinking to develop a mobile app!! But confused about choosing the best language to work on, here we give the top 10 reasons to choose React Native.

As a startup, if you are thinking to build a mobile app you come across a lot of options and thoughts in mind. This thought process continues till you don't get convincing and an outstanding solution that meets your business goals, needs, and preferences.

If we discuss in developers language there are 3 ways to build a mobile app

  1. Native app development

  2. Hybrid app development

  3. Mobile web development

To choose out of these is like picking something out of all hats. But we just can't shoot in the dark so to choose the best we have come up with some valid reasons.

Let's start with focusing on react native mobile app development


What is react native?

It was launched by Facebook and it is an open-source framework for mobile app development. Generally, entrepreneurs have a tender point to react-native while choosing framework. There are many famous companies that are already using this framework and never failed. Many big techs like uber eats, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloomberg, vogue, etc are already into react native for iOS and Android platforms. Now get cost-efficient by opting React-Native and also users can gain access to

the particular app as this framework lays open ground to all formats. It gives an opportunity to operate as a hybrid mobile app development in a perspicuous manner. 

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The top 10 reasons to choose React Native-

  1. Budget-friendly for startups- 

When money is the most important factor while starting up your business. Yes, every startup wants to survive in the tech-savvy market and wants to achieve fast returns. And for this, they have to think about how to stay longer and develop faster. By hiring a React Native developer you will save time and money on app development.


  1. Cross-platform compatibility- 

To develop both Android and iOS application react-native allows using the same code. Without any additional charges, it gives the same performance. And you can build and design your mobile app in less time. Thus your real struggle comes to an end by getting a profound javascript developer who is very well acquainted with UI library, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development. In this, you don't need different languages like JAVA, Swift, C++, etc. while there can be instances where you need to be platform-specific ie; design implications. Now develop a complete full-blown application without writing a single line of platform-specific code and get an app that looks, run and, feels like a native framework.


  1. Multiple outcomes under one lenient solution- 

React Native mobile app development makes the complex task easy by using simple codes. While the app is loading it helps in making corrections and allows us to operate on real-time code changes. The UI library created by Facebook is used by react native framework to execute ReactJS and to develop more simple codes. If we go in the core we can say react native mobile app developer has a feature of “Live Reload” which isn't available for other native frameworks.


  1. Complete focus and goal is fixed on UI and access to Native API is mentation

Now build a mobile app without any complexity for your business. By fixing goal on UI, developer can make UI look exactly like a JavaScript library than a framework. This pattern helps UI work in a smooth manner and its purpose is to give high end quick responsive outcomes. The major focus of React native is on UI building and to compare with other favorable frameworks.

  1. Make simple by single codebase for iOS and Android

There is no need for rewriting and recompiling the app as components can be reused into existing code at any level. Now deploy a single code base to multiple mobile operating systems. This framework is available to the whole community of developers and as it is an open-source so compatible with other platforms.

  1. Journey to transform web page to a mobile app is very facile

React native make code reusable. For two platforms only one update is needed. Bug detecting between codebase has now become way easier and simpler. Due to the modular and intuitive interface, developers can easily understand even though they are not engaged in a project and work accordingly. It increases team flexibility and makes it easy to do a web app updates. To access the app core developer is not required. Through this one can easily adapt to the development and development of the app situation is not changed. With this framework, the QA engineers spend less time hunting on programming logic and writing to the point test cases. Thus this helps in saving time and transforming a web project into a mobile decision.  

  1. Less usage of memory, compatibility or third party plugins and smooth running

There is no longer a need for specific WebView functions with the help of third-party plugins. React native tools provide trouble-free run time. Now through a native module, one can easily connect the module to plugin without using WebView. Now just linking with app features for smooth running, faster loading and less memory requirement the process can be made easy. IOS and Android platforms use much less memory and cross-bridge linking is not required in React Native. 


  1. Functions perform like Native app- 

While using Hybrid mobile app development, the WebView system component can be completely overlooked. These are compiled to basic building blocks of native platforms. Though all codes are comparable with React, ie for both Android and iOS. Its fundamental duty is to serve all demands for mobile gadgets and perform lucrative under the mobile environment. A react-native native processor can choose to go with a graphics processing unit to make the UI interface easy. As compared to other cross-platform, it creates and execute faster and increase app agility.

  1. Shorter development cycle and  react native is not gonna disappear soon

It makes the process of mobile app developing faster. Being an open-source project there are a lot of components available to use. Using an open-source component developer can drop development time by 30%. Redux as a statement tool can also help reduce development time. There is a lower chance of failure by creating one share data layer. By each passing day and development in the framework, problems are solved. React native is gonna be in trend for decades to come. It's hard to resist user-friendly manual and timely eclectic framework by any developer. When you can create anything simply through react-native than there is no need to learn about different languages and create complex codes. With development, it is giving a solution to all problems.


  1. Flexibility and live updates

If you already have a preceding application with a mobile component don't worry! As react-native can easily combine with components written in java or swift. React native components can be implemented with others when needed. This saves developers from app rewriting or optimizing. Thus save a lot of time.

Live updates- yes there is a benefit of developing native mobile apps with react native and that is we get live updates. Through extensive javascript, this is made possible. Without going through the app store update cycle, the developer can push the updates to the user's phone.


Key takeaway points- 


reasons to choose react native and companies gkmit

We hope the above points answered your all doubts and you must be crystal clear about why you should opt React Native for mobile development. 

As you can see, this is a hype technology and always stand on top position among all. In this framework and through different tools you can save time, efforts, development & scaling of a project team. Apps built on this framework are agile and efficient.  Now build an all-time multidimensional mobile app with us which is user-friendly as well.

If we talk in general from startups to flourish business monks all are heading towards adopting mobile app rather than just web pages. As we all know mobile app works completely different from the web page so people we will suggest you approach a reliable source for app development. No user is gonna use it on a regular basis if your app turned out to be too big!!

Hope our blog convinced you and clear all your queries. If still you are confused and want to know more connect with us. We will give you more reasons to partner with us.


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